Dispute Resolution

Boxing Gloves and FaceguardWe offer a wide variety of dispute resolution services both prior and during litigation. We will endeavour to establish a resolution outside of litigation. However, invariably some disputes will require the courts involvement and we have the expertise required to necessitate an effective resolution in the event of proceedings being required. We understand the nature of a commercial world and the pressures this can bring. Therefore, we will endeavour to obtain the best possible outcome that we can for our Clients.

Our services are wide ranging and include;

  • Alternative dispute resolution; is an area in itself and includes the provisions of;
    • Adjudication, Arbitration and Mediation – these methods can be useful in order to try and obtain a more flexible and cost effective resolution. They can be used both prior to and whilst in litigation.
  • Contract Disputes Resolution

If you are having difficulties in obtaining the services in which you haven contractually agreed with another party we have to resources and experience at hand to provide a cost effective resolution.

We are able to recognise the commercial requirements of a business in the current financial climate and will endeavour to obtain a costs effective and practical resolution which will enable the business to keep operating at its highest efficiency and potential.

  • Property Disputes

We will endeavour to resolve any disputes of this nature in a timely and cost effective manner whilst ensuring that our Clients interests are protected. Examples of some areas on which we are able to advise include; landlord tenant disputes, right of way’s and covenants.

  • Contested Probate / Inheritance Claims – It a person dies without a will he is deemed to have died intestate and therefore disputes can then arise as to the persons who are entitled to the deceased property. We are aware of how problems of this nature need to be resolved in a timely manner with minimum disruption to the family of the deceased. Therefore, we are able to offer specialised advice to resolve the issue quickly with minimum disruption and in a cost effective manner.
  • Professional Negligence – We are   aware of the level of service which people expect and trust professionals to provide and that sometimes the advice provided is below what could be expected. If you have suffered a loss as a result of negligent advice then you may be entitled to compensation.

Therefore we are happy to deal with any matters which arise where a professional has acted in a negligent manner. We will advise in claims of this regard against solicitors and medical professionals.

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