Boundary Disputes

When you purchase a piece of land, be it a home for you and your family or for some other reason you assume that you have peace of mind on what you own. Unfortunately this is not always the case, for example a neighbour could claim that you are encroaching on to their garden. This can lead to strained relationships between yourself and neighbours, leading to unwanted stress and loss of the security you feel at home.

It is sometimes possible to reach mutual agreement between yourself and the other party, indeed this may be the best recourse for all involved. Our Dispute Resolution team can advise you further.

At Drake Legal we can advise you on a variety of boundary disputes including those arising from the placement of fences, walls and hedges. We can also advise on the ownership of a specific piece of land that is in dispute.

This area of law can turn out to be expensive and protracted we therefore aim to assess the merits of your case early on so that you can decide if the claim is something which you wish to proceed with.

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