Employment ContractEmployment is something which touches on everyone’s lives and it can be upsetting and stressful when the relationship between employer and employee breaks down. We at Benyons aim to provide an efficient service which is suited to your needs and aims, with a view to bringing the matter to an early and satisfactory conclusion.

Where this is not possible we will guide you through the process of bringing a claim against your previous employer.

We will only take matters forward where we can make a difference, so as not to waste our time and your money.

Our services include advice on:-

  • Unfair Dismissal: Where your employer makes you redundant for an “unfair” reason, for example refusal to work unreasonable overtime. This can lead to a significant amount of lost earnings whilst you find alternative employment.
  • Wrongful Dismissal: This is where you are made redundant without use of the correct procedure.
  • Maternity Rights: Most employers are understanding when it comes to taking maternity or paternity leave. However there can be occasions when employers do not allow you to take the leave you are entitled or refuse to pay you.
  • Discrimination: Facing discrimination, be it due to sex, race, religion, disability or sexual orientation, is not something anyone should have to face. It can lead to stress, loss of confidence and a feeling of worthlessness and is not something that anyone should have to deal with on a day to day basis.

However should you have any other concerns about your employer, please feel free to contact us and we can discuss the merits of any potential claim.

Please note that you only have 3 months from the date of the termination of your employment in which to bring a claim. It is therefore important that you act quickly.

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