Medical Negligence

Doctor's StethoscopeWe put a great deal of trust and faith in the medical practitioners who deal with our ailments when we become injured or ill. Usually that trust is well placed and we receive appropriate treatment and care. However, every year thousands of people are killed, injured or have their condition worsened following negligent treatment they have received from both the NHS and private healthcare providers.

Such negligent treatment may include failing to diagnose your condition, providing you with the wrong treatment or medication, inadequately performing surgery or treatment, or failing to provide appropriate care. If you are injured by such treatment you may be entitled to compensation for your pain and discomfort, or for losses that you have sustained.

If you, or your family, are unfortunate enough to have suffered at the hands of poor treatment then we have specialist solicitors who can help you to seek redress. Our solicitors strive to ensure that your complaint is correctly investigated so that all the facts can be established. They will also dedicate themselves to progress your claim and recovering the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries.

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