Other Accidents

Some accidents such as road traffic accidents or accidents at work are sadly so common we have dealt with them separately on this website but there are many other types of accident which cause injury which can give rise to claims.

If you are injured while on or near someone else’s premises because of the state of those premises or some activity being done on them, then you may well be able to pursue a claim. This might apply if you are a tenant or a visitor.

Animals can and do frequently cause injury which can lead to claims against their owner or keeper.

Defective products can give rise to claims (see also our separate section on this). Most people will be aware from media coverage of complex cases involving the side effects of drugs but if you are injured by any everyday product which was defective then you may be able to claim.

There are other examples too, so if you have been injured in an accident or incident where you think someone else may have been at least partially responsible then it is wise to get legal advice on the possibility of pursuing a claim.

If your claim is successful you can seek to recover compensation both for the injury effects and for the losses arising such as loss of earnings or medical expenses.

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