Road Traffic Accidents

Road traffic accidents (RTAs) are the most common cause of injury claims in this country. They involve not just car, van, bus or lorry drivers, but also pedestrians, passengers, motorcyclists, cyclists and any other road users.

You can claim compensation if you have been injured where another road user was (at least partly) to blame, but it is not always easy establishing whose fault an accident was or proving what injuries and losses you have suffered as a result.

It can be important to get an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you and to represent your interests if you suffer an RTA and have been injured.

If you have a vehicle you will already know that it is compulsory to have insurance to cover injuries and losses that may occur to others in an accident (third party cover). Generally any claim is dealt with by the insurers of the party at fault.

Sometimes those insurers deal with the claimant directly, without the involvement of a lawyer.  That may not be a problem, particularly if there is no injury involved, but the insurers may not necessarily advise on a claimant’s best interests so it is worth taking at least initial independent legal advice in such circumstances, especially if you have been injured.

If you are injured by an uninsured or a “hit-and-run” driver, there is an insurance fund in place which can still allow a claim for compensation for your injury.

The value of an RTA compensation claim depends on the severity of the injury suffered, the amount of the losses arising (such as lost earnings) and the extent to which the parties involved were at fault. Even if you are found partly to blame for the accident, you may well still be able to claim some compensation.

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