Slips & Trips

Accidents caused by slipping and tripping can often result in serious injury. Sometimes these are pure accidents and there is no one is to blame.

However, if the accident has been caused by a hazard such as a spillage, a pothole or some other danger and it can be shown there is someone legally responsible then there may be a claim.

There tend to be three main types of slipping and tripping claim.

First, there are trips or slips which employees suffer at work. These claims are usually covered by health and safety legislation which gives good protection to employees (see our separate Accidents at Work section).

Second, there are tripping and slipping accidents that occur in or on premises such as shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, hotels or other places where the public is permitted/encouraged to visit. The owner or occupier of the premises generally has a legal duty to take “reasonable” care to look after the safety of people visiting the premises.

Third there are the tripping and slipping accidents which occur on a public street or road and such claims are made against the highway authority for the relevant location, often the local council.

Photographic evidence of what caused the accident can be very helpful if it is available.
It is always worth getting legal advice if you have had such an accident because such claims are by no means straightforward or easy to make.

The value of such a claim depends on the severity of the injury suffered and the losses arising as a result.

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