Probate & Administration of Estates

Paper FilesFollowing the death of a family member or close friend one of the most difficult things to do can be the separation and distribution of their assets to the nominated Beneficiaries.

During this difficult time there can be nothing worse than having to follow detailed legal procedures, that is why at Drake Legal we are able to provide thoughtful assistance during this period by completing the following services;

  • Obtain the Grant of Probate
  • Assist with the valuation of assets
  • Distribute the Estate amongst the Beneficiaries
  • Consider all relevant Tax matters and Implications.
  • Provide advice on new Wills for the Beneficiaries
  • Provide details of independent financial advisors if required by Beneficiaries
  • Assist with any disputes that have arisen from the Will

As complex legal matters can arise during this period our experienced team can assist and provide you with an efficient and effective service to ensure that the entire process is handled with care, consideration and attention to detail.

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