Powers of Attorney

Document SigningSometimes it becomes necessary to consider appointing a relative or family friend with your Power of Attorney should you become unable to make decisions on your own behalf.  The appointed Attorney will then have the power to sign and conduct legal formalities on your, the Donor’s, behalf.

There are 2 aspects of life where it can be prudent to consider lasting Power of Attorneys;

  1. Property and Financial Affairs
    • This includes all financial affairs such as selling your home or managing your bank accounts.
  2. Health and Welfare
    • This is primarily linked with the day to day care of the Donor along with more long term health plans such as where to live and other issues such as medical care.

At Drake Legal we can assist you in considering which Lasting Power of Attorney would be most suitable as well as well as discussing the most appropriate Attorneys.  We can complete the detailed forms on your behalf and ensure that they are filed and registered at the Office of the Public Guardian.

We ensure that all client’s who wish to sign over their Power of Attorney are fully advised as to the restrictions that can be placed on your selected Attorney if desired as well as planning for an replacement Attorney should the original Attorney become unable to act in the future. We also assist with setting out matters which should be considered by the Attorney where specific decisions are to be made.

With our sensitive and experienced team Drake Legal can make planning for the future easier, efficient and less stressful than you may have previously thought.

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