Will Drafting

Last Will and TestamentTo ensure that your wishes are followed after your death it is essential to show your wishes have been considered in a formal way and that you have provided due consideration as to what should happen to your estate and possessions, or perhaps  more importantly, what should not happen.

Unfortunately many people do not have a will and therefore on their death their possessions and accumulation of assets can pass to someone who they have not previously considered to be entitled to the same.

By taking the time to consider what your wishes are following your death, a simple will can be drafted to ensure that those wishes are complied with.  The existence of a will can also help to avoid the litigation that may arise in some circumstances where the wishes of the deceased are in dispute by family members or friends.

From considering a few key points a will can be drafted which specifically identifies your wishes as to specific items that you may possess or your estate in general.  In times where litigation is more widespread there is no better way of achieving peace of mind by clarifying your wishes in a formal will to ensure that loved ones are looked after or that your specific item of family heritage which has been with you for generations remains within your family.

At Drake Legal we are able to draft a will for you and store it if required until the appropriate time.  We can advise as to any possible tax implications that your estate may be subject to and help you plan for the uncertain times that follow your death.  We are also able to act as a Trustee if desired in order to ensure that the terms of your will are complied with to alleviate stress among family members at what is undoubtedly a difficult time.

It is never an easy time to plan for the worst however with a formal Will in place you can be assured that your friends and family will be aware of your final wishes and your estate will be dealt with in accordance with your own desires.

We are happy to provide home visits to obtain the required information within the local area at no extra charge to make the process even easier for you.

With our friendly, sensitive and experienced team we can help to ensure that you are fully prepared for the worst case scenario and have one less thing to worry about.

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